Semiconductor Strain Gages have large temperature coefficients of resistance making single gage strain measurements difficult unless used at a constant temperature. For this reason, gages are predominantly used in half bridge or full bridge circuits and carefully matched for slope and intercept.


SS designates Semiconductor Strain Gage
060 designates that the gage is 0.060 long.
033 designates the gage has an active area in the center of 0.033.
500P designates 500 ohms nominally at room temperature and it is P-doped.
S2 indicates these two gages are resistance versus temperature matched to each other.


Gages are packaged in clear plastic boxes measuring approximately one inch square.

Each clear box lid is labeled with information about the gage.

Strain Gage Package Lid Label

  • Temperature ºF is noted along with the corresponding Resistance in Ω ohms.
  • Gage Lot number is marked as LT.
  • Computer system number used to measure the resistance over temperature.
  • Gage position number identifies the position on the board in the temperature chamber.

The computer system also measures and records the reverse current and TCR (Thermal Coefficient of Resistance). This data is used to detect non-performing gages allowing them to be removed from production.

Gages are packaged one gage to a clear box with each box having its own label. Matched Sets will be joined together with clear plastic tape on the bottom of the boxes.

Micron Instruments Semiconductor Strain Gage Packaging


There are many uses for semiconductor strain gages and to accommodate these applications, Micron offers a number of matching options.
S1 is a single gage, tested and with data.
S2 is a thermally matched set of two gages, tested with data.
S4 is a thermally matched set of four gages, tested with data.

We recommend a spare gage be purchased in the event that a gage is damaged during installation.
An S3 or S5 at the end of the part number should be designated for this request

For double bridges requiring eight gages you would specify an S8 at the end of the gage number or S9 for a Spare.


Standard Matching is at Three Temperatures and adhere to the following tolerances.

±  3 Ω  Ohms
78ºF ± 2 Ω Ohms
278ºF ± 2 Ω Ohms



In general, tighter matching permits better performance especially with respect to bridge temperature compensation. When gages are to be used below 0°F, additional testing is required.
Micron does offer special matching upon request. (Examples Below)

500 Ohms Matched   1000 Ohms Matched
 0ºF  ± 2 ohms
   -65ºF  ± 6 ohms
 78ºF  ± 1 ohm
   0ºF  ± 6 ohms
 278ºF  ± 1 ohm
   78ºF  ± 4 ohms
       278ºF  ± 4 ohms


Since the options for matching and temperature are numerous, please consult with our engineers who will advise if more
accurate matching is required for your application.