Medical Solutions using Micron Instruments Semiconductor Strain Gages


Reference Articles

  1. Human Health Monitoring
    • Unprecedented advances in medicine and genetics have created a deep understanding of biological life at the molecular level. This enables more precise diagnosis of symptoms and conditions, and well as general assessment of an individual’s health. A key element in such diagnostics is the use of implantable sensors that deliver reliable, precise health data, which can then be transformed into useful information and insightful knowledge. We generally refer to this as “Human Health Monitoring” (HHM).

      Micron has already seen the benefits of implantable semiconductor strain gage based sensors for post cardio surgery monitoring, with hundreds of patients with limited life expectancy now living healthy lives up to eight years later.

      This paper addresses requirements, potential benefits, applications, and success stories with implantable sensors for HHM.
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  2. Miniature Medical Implantable Wireless Sensing (MMIWS)
    • The five words in the title convey many requirements. To satisfy these requirements, a sensor for implantable medical applications needs to be reliable and have a long life -which also means no battery - and it must be body compatible. The device must be miniature for minimal surgical implant intrusion. This device should be wireless to simplify operation and avoid the complications of tethered wires protruding from the body. To be passive (no batteries) wireless, it requires low activation energy for reasonable transmission distance using the approved radio frequency bands to furnish the wake up energy and respond by sending cogent signals at a reasonable distance.

      There may be many basic sensing mechanisms that would meet the above requirements. This paper will deal with one already in production and proven to meet all requirements when properly housed and conditioned. It is the miniature homogeneous single crystal doped Silicon semiconductor. It already exists in two main versions, the strain gage and the temperature sensor. This gage cannot guarantee that the lifetime of the sensor or that performance and reliability of the final product is achieved, since there are other materials and processes in the final product; but the use of these strain gages provides a higher probability of success.
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Micron Instruments has already worked with innovative companies on optimal selection, placement, and processing of semiconductor strain gages for implantable wireless sensors for the heart, the brain, the spine, and specialized post-surgical monitoring. If you’d like to discuss your application or design, please contact us for a free, confidential consultation either by email using our Contact Us Form or phone (805-522- 4676).