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Micron Instruments is a leading manufacturer and supplier of High Quality Semiconductor Strain Gages, Pressure Transducers, Temperature Sensors and Measuring Systems.

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MST095 Bondable Terminal Width: .038 in. | Length: .095 in. | Thickness: .007 in.
Micron’s Bondable Terminals are specially designed for use in strain gage circuits. They are manufactured from 0.14 thick copper clad epoxy glass. The epoxy glass insures superior electrical insulation while remaining flexible, strong and capable of high temperatures up to 275° F

It has become common practice to employ Bondable Terminals between the larger diameter main lead wires and the small delicate strain gage leads. 
Our Bondable Terminals offer convenient junction points for connecting single or multiple strain gages to larger instrumentation leads while the solder tab serves as a thermal barrier permitting a higher temperature for the larger wire solder joint without loss of degradation to the strain gage leads.
Offered in Several Sizes to fit your Application.

Sold in One Strip Segments containing 60 Terminals or
by the Box which contains 480 Terminals
Price: $1.50 


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