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    Micron Instruments is transitioning itself to use the company name Piezo-Metrics. We invite you to begin our relationship by visiting our facility, engaging with the experts, learning about our science and production, and then asking the hard questions. There’s absolutely no better way for us to earn your business.

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    We believe that Collaboration is key to Optimum Performance. Our Value-Added Program offers customers the opportunity to have Piezo-Metrics’ experts advise you on how to best integrate our strain gages into your products.

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    Pushing the Boundaries

    We don’t concede limitations - we challenge them. This passion has allowed our strain gages to perform in all kinds of environments where demands are extreme and pressure is intense.

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    Why Semiconductor Strain Gages?

    Mission critical demands require improved technology. Our miniature semiconductor strain gages consistently deliver increased accuracy, reliability, performance, and long-term stability over standard metal foil strain gages.

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    Implanted Medical Solutions

    Since creating the world’s smallest semiconductor strain gage over a decade ago, Piezo-Metrics has been committed to helping advance the range and function of Implanted Medical Solutions.

    Strain Gage Manufacturers & Expert Installation

    Pioneering a Future of Possibilities

    Innovation is at the very heart of how Piezo-Metrics has become an industry leader in the manufacturing and delivery of superior, cost-effective strain gages. For over four decades our team of engineers have been pioneers, transforming ideas into cutting-edge strain gage technology. In any industry – for any need ─ if you bring us your challenge, we’ll bring you a successful solution. At Piezo-Metrics, we’ve built a reputation on discovering the possibilities.

    Manufactured and Supported in the USA

    To deliver you the widest range of superior strain gages, our Southern California facility maintains the highest quality control standards in the industry. Add to that the expert in-house service provided by our customer support team and you’ll see why we can ensure each customer an exceptional experience from concept to completion, no matter how big or small the order.

    How can we make this promise? We have forty-years-worth of answers. Give us a call and let us tell you.

    Partnering with Your Future is Our Future

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