What's Happening at Piezo-Metrics

The more you know about Piezo-Metrics - the more you’ll see why we’re the leader in semiconductor strain gages.

Piezo-Metrics Launches its


Simi Valley, CA – Piezo-Metrics, operating also as Micron Instruments, is announcing the launch of its new website, www.Piezo-Metrics.com. The site is scheduled for international rollout during the second quarter of 2021. Established in 1980, Piezo-Metrics has become the leader in semiconductor strain gage manufacturing and technology. The new and improved website reflects the tremendous growth and technological advancements the company has experienced over the past four-decades.

The website has been developed as an easy-to-navigate resource for those wanting to learn more about Piezo-Metrics’ products and services. The site also makes it more time-efficient for new and existing customers needing to quickly access data and information.

“We’re excited to share with the world what Piezo-Metrics has to offer!” says Dr. Robert Mueller, President & CEO of Piezo-Metrics. “This website is yet another step forward as we continue to expand our business relationships into areas and industries where our semiconductor strain gages are beneficial”.

In recent years Piezo-Metrics has been growing its footprint, with their strain gage solutions now being utilized in a number of high-profile arenas including NASA’s 2020 Mars Exploration Program, NATO systems, medical devices, and industries that require strain gage performance under extreme temperature and pressure conditions.

Additionally, this year, the company will be streamlining customer access to its top experts so that they can provide consultation services on how to best integrate Piezo-Metrics’ strain gages into products.

“Our strain gages are extremely small and have unique performance characteristics”, says Dr. Franklin Wong, Principal Scientist at Piezo-Metrics. “We offer our consultation and gaging services to customers to ensure that our strain gages are properly integrated into their products for optimum performance”.

Piezo-Metrics will notify you when our new website goes live and is standing by to answer any questions.